Experienced in Installations

There's No Place Like Home

Home Installations

Our fast and efficient domestic EV Chargins installations are always easy to use in your every day routine. There has never been a better time to switch to EV

Project EV Charger

Plug & Charge

With plug and charge, simply connect your vehicle to a Project EV charger, and your charging cycle will begin. You do not require any additional software or applications to control your EV charge point.

EV Charging Solutions for every Situation

Back in the Office

Corporate Installations

As people start to return to the office, now is a key time to incentivise your staff opting for an EV for their next vehicle and improve your company's green credentials. Charging points at the office are a great way to do that.

Rolec EV Chargers Installed

Working With You

We'll work with you to provide a solution that best suits your business' needs for the coming years.

Commercial Packages to make the most of the EV Wave

Generating Income

Commercial Installations

Adding EV Charging points to your car park can massively increase the amount of revenue your site can generate. With the number of EVs in the UK projected to skyrocket, today is the time to get ready to take advantage.

Project EV Commercial Charger Installed CloseUp

Versatile Systems

The systems we install are versatile in terms of size, position and functionality. However you want the system to work, we can make it happen.

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